Preservation Trust

The primary objective of the charity is to preserve and maintain, for the benefit of the townspeople of Sheffield in the County of York and for the nation at large, the historical, architectural and constructional heritage of the Cutlers’ Hall.

The current hall was built in 1832, It was designed by two architects, Samuel Worth and Benjamin Broomhead Taylor, who had both submitted plans, but when the Company was unable to choose between these plans, the two architects agreed to work together.  The building cost the Company £8,846.12s.1d, with a further £1,092.3s.2d spent on furnishings.

In 1867, the Hall was extended to the rear, with the addition of the Main Banqueting Hall on the first floor with the Hadfield Hall beneath and in 1888, the frontage was extended westward.

It is a Grade 2* Listed building, privately owned by the Cutlers’ Company, and is considered to be one of the finest Livery halls in the country.  All funds raised by the Preservation Trust go to the maintenance of this building and its 19 associated objectives which include ensuring access to the Hall, providing security for the Hall and its collection, maintenance of the Hall and an educational element, currently delivered by the Company of Cutlers “Better Learners Better Workers” Programme and its Joint Awards scheme which supports students and apprentices in engineering and design.